sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Días ocupados / Busy days

   Estos días son de mucho trabajo y stress, terminando el diseño de mi tesis, una posada playera ubicada en Río Chico, Estado Miranda, Venezuela.

  These days are busy with lot of work and stress finishing the design of my thesis project, a beach "posada", umm how would you say it in English? A hostel? Its a small, very small hotel, about 13 rooms, one small restaurant, a mini traditional local store, Internet service area and of course the lobby and services areas. The owners supposed too live there so I designed their own space. The "posada" is "located" at Río Chico, Miranda, Venezuela.

Where it supposed will be.
Lugar donde supuestamente se ubicará.

Other point of view.
Otro punto de vista.


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